A week’s worth…

A week’s worth of silly thoughts…

I remember when I proposed to my ex-wife her reaction was a mixture of shock and stoicism (looking back, that should have been a red flag) but the first words out of her mouth after “yes” were “I don’t know how I’m supposed to react.” That’s kind of how I feel about the Albert Pujols signing. I’m sure we’ll learn much more in the coming days, but right now I’m both stunned and calm. Somehow I think the Cards will be better off. 

I’ve cancelled my match account so I have no idea who is winking at me anymore, but Match still lets me know that it’s happening. Therefore I’m left to assume they are all brilliant super models and I’m missing out. Kind of like dating, it’s more interesting when no longer attainable.

On that note, if you’ve never done online dating you’re missing out on some of the best comedy in our society today. A friend of mine let me read her emails from guys in the area and they are fantastic. My favorite is the two-word email, “Great Smile” or “Nice Pic”. Way to show off your depth, fellas.

Competitive people like myself should never eat at buffets. It’s me against the restaurant. I never lose and I always lose. If you battle weight, you know what I mean.

Brad Paisley’s Camouflage is the funniest song I’ve heard in a long time. Probably since I was a kid and heard some song about losing a meatball off my spaghetti when someone sneezed.

This just in…the Cardinals are releasing their holiday ticket packages today at 3 PM. Awesome. Somebody in marketing decided today was the day to do it since the Birds were expected to sign Albert today. Early word is that the giveaways in this package are a box of kleenex and a noose.

I’m officially recommending Rosetta Stone. I bought the Latin American version two months ago and it’s been totally worth it. I’m almost done with the fifth and final level and will be heading to Nicaragua for two weeks to take my new language for a spin. It will be my first experience backpacking in a foreign country and I can’t wait. If you have any tips for me, please advise.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your week!

About Matt DeMargel

Public Relations Flack, Health-Conscious Cyclist, Personal Finance Nerd, Global Wanderer and slightly deranged fan of St. Louis and Mizzou Sports. I only write when I have something to say, but I talk constantly!
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