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Though I no longer work for a professional baseball team, one of the ways I’ve stayed connected is by consulting with college students interested in a career in sports.¬†When I ask them where they assume their path to the general … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: V. Joel Burnette

It was finals week. Sometime in the middle of the night I stepped out of the classroom where I was studying and into the hallway to clear my head. In my haze of frustration I heard the voice of my … Continue reading

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Nine major league reasons to hire a minor leaguer

You know my story by now. I spent 14 amazing years working in minor league baseball. I took the next 15 months to travel around the world. I came back to Durham, NC to start my second adult life doing … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Sunday and other musings…

I LOVE Super Bowl Sunday. I don’t bother with the week of hype on ESPN (I actually don’t watch ESPN at all anymore, but that’s another story) but it’s hard to beat a good Super Bowl party. The friends, the … Continue reading

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