Sunday silliness

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

My job now involves a lot of writing so my blog may become a bit more sporadic, but as I wait for my roommate to wake up so we can go grab dinner, thought I’d share this week’s stream of consciousness….

It’s good to be back in the 40-hour-a-week job world. Don’t get me wrong, retirement was great and I look forward to doing it again permanently, but I forgot how good a weekend can feel when you are busy the other five days of the week. So far I’ve managed to avoid getting too freaked out over the small stuff. Hopefully that lasts.

Not sure who all watched “The Bible” on The History Channel last week, but speaking as someone that is not very religious (or at all), I really liked it. I thought it was an interesting and modern way to tell some great stories. Funny, I remember learning about all of that stuff as a kid, but being able to just enjoy the entertainment value of a well-made production has been fun.

I’m enjoying MLB Network’s coverage of the World Baseball Classic, but it’s nauseating to watch Team USA struggle against such mediocre competition. I don’t want to go into all the problems with this tournament because I realize there are a bunch of obstacles to the US fielding the best team possible (and have the players good form), but considering that this is OUR game, it would be nice to see us dominate like we’d be capable of under different circumstances.

Speaking of being a honk, I think I’ve said before how much I love Durham, but somebody has got to put some better logistics in place for the monthly food truck rodeo. People are coming in from all around North Carolina for this event, but you can’t get your food fast enough and the lines go on forever. Is there a food truck executive committee?

I think Justin Timberlake is about the most talented entertainer alive today, but his entrance into the five-time host club on Saturday Night Live last night was underwhelming. I actually think the show overall has gotten better, but it’s almost like Bill Simmons “Patrick Ewing Theory” was in play (team takes the night off and lets the superstar try and do all the work). His musical performance was very good, though.

If my car breaks down on the Triangle expressway, it will be days before anyone finds me. Seriously, that is one beautiful stretch of highway but no one is on it. I can’t decide if people don’t like the tolls or there just aren’t that many people travelling from Southern Wake County to Northern Wake and Durham, but you could do snow angels in the middle lane with no fear of getting hit. I won’t, Mom, I’m just sayin’…

Roommate is up. Time for dinner!

Have a great week…

About Matt DeMargel

Public Relations Flack, Health-Conscious Cyclist, Personal Finance Nerd, Global Wanderer and slightly deranged fan of St. Louis and Mizzou Sports. I only write when I have something to say, but I talk constantly!
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